A Spotlight On Pharmaceutical Jobs in Manchester

We’re often told that Britain is in a tricky state of affairs. When you consider our looming break from the EU, and the effect this will have on the job market, it’s clear why some are fretting about our future as a trading nation. Yet, quietly, the pharmaceuticals sector is picking up the slack.

Kwesi Ackah – Recruitment Manager at DATS Recruitment emphasises that “the North West boasts strong, sustainable job opportunities in science and industry. We depend on researchers, manufacturers and sales people to deliver medicine to the millions who need it. The scale and quality of UK medical production is valued worldwide. Pharmaceutical jobs in Manchester offer a lot of opportunity for an ambitious graduate…”

Getting to the heart of our national interests

It’s no secret that Manchester has been positioning itself as a global source of trade and innovation for more than two centuries. Where this once took the form of cotton and textile exports, however, it is now science that drives the city’s economic prospects.

It’s been reported that the science and technology sector in Manchester alone was worth around £4bn in 2013. This figure includes healthcare and biotech ventures, as well as pharmaceuticals.

The latter, however, forms one of the UK’s biggest export shares – it’s encouraging that Manchester is so committed to this lucrative area of work, which increased its manufacturing output by 8.6% month-on-month in 2016.

Why is this city so special?

Kwesi also points out that there are several reasons why this urban hub is perfect for pharmaceutical development. Four universities may count, seeing as they have a firm link to companies like AstraZeneca, Novartis and Carbogen Amcis, all of which lie within the local area. It’s the leap from theoretical development to actual, useful application – Manchester helps students and graduates make it successfully, training them for a role in a global firm.

Indeed, names like AstraZeneca – one of the largest pharmaceutical research companies in the world – are a draw for fresh talent. The brand employs more than 4,000 people at its Cheshire-based research centre, less than an hour’s drive away from Manchester city centre.

Added to this is the geographical qualities, which give some of the UK’s best minds access to a meeting point that’s within reach of Liverpool, London, Birmingham and Leeds. The MAHSC (Manchester Academic Heath & Science Centre) has been highlighted as an international pharmaceuticals pioneer, while the Manchester Science Partnerships launched a £45m pharma fund in 2015.

The scope of pharmaceutical jobs in Manchester

As Recruitment Manager, Kwesi recognises there is a cavalcade of potential careers to explore. Analysts, for instance, are involved in data collection, drug safety, and the feasibility of medical production costs. Sales/accounts staff are needed to handle existing clients and forge new deals. Meanwhile, there’s an army of technicians, engineers, manufacturing officers and front-counter staff, all vital to getting drugs in the right hands, without any slip-ups or negative side-effects.

Now is the time to join a sector you can be proud of. Pharmaceutical jobs in Manchester are ripe for the taking. Browse our latest vacancies to see them for yourself, and upload your CV to get a foot in the door of this fast-growing industry.


Kwesi Ackah
Recruitment Manager
DATS (Holdings) Limited

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