Exploring how recruitment can be like dating this Valentine’s Day!

Valetines Rock

Finding the perfect match! We explore how recruitment can be like dating this Valentine’s Day!

Interviewing prospective candidates for a role you’re recruiting for can be a lot like dating – 2 parties trying to figure out if they’re compatible! It’s a 2-way deal and if one party isn’t happy, it’s not going to work out!  Employers have criteria when selecting candidates for a particular role, just like individuals look for certain characteristics in a partner. Let’s explore how dating is like a recruitment process…!

The First Date / The First Interview

You only get one chance to make a first impression! Prospective candidates, just like prospective partners will feel the pressure to get things off on the right foot! You want to be yourself and you want to make a good first impression – a first interview situation is a lot like a first date – one or both parties could be nervous and eager to put their best foot forward. Sometimes it goes smoothly and sometimes it doesn’t!

The Second Date / The Second Interview

So you’re over the first hurdle! There’s interest from both parties, or you wouldn’t be here, but you’re not out of the woods yet. Perhaps you’ll be introduced to more prospective colleagues in the organisation? Perhaps you’ll be introduced to your date’s friendship group for a seal of approval?  More first impressions are required and there’s definite scope to derail!

The Social Media Check!

Here’s a fact that may or may not surprise you… 70% of employers will look up job applicants on social media before making an offer. Not just on professional networking sites like Linked In but on Facebook, Twitter and the like too. In the age of the smartphone, information can prove to be just too accessible not to be tempted by – whether you’re looking up a date you had dinner with last night or a candidate you interviewed this morning – knowledge is power!

The Offer / Start of a Relationship

If the interview process/dating process has gone well and both parties are happy then a hire is made or a relationship begins! This monumental moment could shape your life personally or professionally. A career or life path could be shifted for the better – and hopefully, for your partner/hiring manager, it’s a happily ever after story!

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Article by Kwesi Ackah – Recruitment Manager.