Exploring Design Engineering Jobs in the North West

Engineering Jobs in the North West

We’re often told that the British manufacturing trade is in slow decline, along with hopes for home-grown talent. This is not, however, true for a number of industries, particularly those in the science sectors. Design engineering jobs in the North West are thriving in many cases, with companies eager to shape your skills to their cause.

Whether you’re searching for infrastructure recruitment in the North West, or a role in the development of cutting-edge products, DATS Recruitment (www.dats.co.uk) are here to show you what’s out there, and where you might go for a future career.

Pharmaceuticals in Cheshire

The mass-market, international roll-out of medical supplies is a key facet of the UK economy. We’re continuing to drive scientific excellence in pharmaceuticals, leading the way in terms of research and (more pertinently) drugs manufacturing. Cheshire, surprisingly, has one of the strongest pharmaceutical sectors in the North West, contributing an average of £567m GVA (gross value added) from over 30 big companies.

Design engineers enjoy plenty of opportunities, as the demand for consumer pharmaceuticals never seems to wane. These are essential purchases for millions of people; therefore, you can expect to work on automated processing systems, determining how best to keep manufacturing tight and cost-effective to maintain. AstraZeneca, one of the leading names in the industry, has a huge manufacturing plant in Macclesfield, as a taster of what’s in store for you.

Nuclear recruitment in Warrington

By taking a closer look at Cheshire-based opportunities, we discover that Warrington – a town almost equidistant from both Manchester and Liverpool – is paving the way for nuclear recruitment in various forms. Aside from Cumbria, in fact, it boasts the largest array of nuclear jobs in the country – good news for anyone looking to jump aboard one of the most exciting, innovative careers in UK energy.

As a design engineer, you’d be responsible for any manner of development and prototyping. In Warrington, you’ll find an array of jobs at Birchwood Park, which houses organisations like the National Nuclear Laboratory, Sellafield Ltd and AMEC Nuclear.

Construction in Manchester

Lastly, let’s take a microscope to Manchester, one of the most vibrant UK cities and a strong contender for our second capital. The last three or four years have seen infrastructure projects crop up along the skyline; there’s a perceptible hum of construction activity in the city. Manchester is attracting young professionals from across the nation, all of whom desire leisure facilities, good transport networks, and somewhere to raise a family.

It’s subsequently heartening to know that a design engineer can be behind the curtain of these changes, if they so wish. Results have already flourished from outside investment, such as that of the Abu Dhabi United Group, which threw £1bn behind a domestic housing project.

As design engineering jobs in the North West continue to motivate our industrial success, now is the time to seize opportunities in the sector. DATS Recruitment has long-held links to dozens of regional employers; with our help, you’ll find a role worthy of your passion. See our current vacancies and come back to us for more every week…