Discovering Petrochemical Jobs In The North West

Petroleum, arguably, runs our world affairs. Until sufficient eco initiatives take its place, the harnessing of raw, natural gas and crude oil is essential to the UK’s manufacturing independence.

In total, over 200 British companies provide the ‘downstream’ service of preparing petrochemicals for market. The list of products derived from them runs on and on: plastics, hair dye, fertiliser, rubber, shampoo, the fuel for our cars…

The Recruitment Manager at DATS Recruitment, Kwesi Ackah, highlights that the North West sector is going strong for overseas and national investment. Our regional industry is an open door for science and engineering professionals intrigued by the elements of life we take for granted…

The value of North West petroleum

A large share of the country’s oil and gas resources still come from foreign imports. Yet the process of taking those basic chemicals and doing something with them, in large part, rests on our home-grown companies.

Companies like Essar Oil are hard at work providing the results of (and means to) fossil fuel application, along with further companies within the supply chain of the sector such as Jacobs, Costain and Amec who provide valuable design, engineering and construction input to some of the largest and most complex engineering plants. Warrington and Ellesmere Port are just two of the hotspots for manufacturing, honing and prepping oil and gas-based materials for the country as a whole.

As oil reserves are becoming more precious with each passing year, the use of such chemicals is coveted, likewise, by organisations that are securing our future. In Britain alone, we use 35.7 million annual tonnes of road fuel. This is before you consider carbon-based resources used in our lotions, cosmetics and synthetic packaging, as well as crop treatments for agriculture.

Kwesi also emphasises that the North West has done much to meet the demand for petrochemical applications. A crucial pipeline, operated by Valero, delivers oil and gas to Birmingham, Kingsbury and Manchester, giving companies a high level of access to petrochemical components. The proximity of North West sites, aided by a great transport network, paints it as a popular base for new careers, with plenty of opportunities in the region.

Types of petrochemical jobs in the North West

This sector, as you might expect, has a huge variety of petrochemical jobs in the North West. They range from the day-to-day operation of equipment and material fabrication, all the way through to team management, inspection and cost control.

Process engineers are needed to ensure their plants are working at peak efficiency. Inspectors must keep an eye on pipes, infrastructure, and the danger of corrosion, whilst safety officers support every department where they can.

Some roles focus on preventing accidents and environmental damage in the refinement process. Others give the opportunity to lead and mould a team, tackling a range of projects within the company portfolio.

In any case, skilled employees and contractors are essential to petrochemicals in the North West and beyond. We never stop updating our site with the latest opportunities in the region – submit your CV today to take your next step in a petrochemicals career.

Petrochemical jobs in the north west

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