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DATS is proud to be celebrating its 60th year! Here’s our incredible journey so far…

1958 – Founder, Trevor Nickson, completes a five-year apprenticeship with ICI and is promoted to the company’s design offices. However, craving a greater challenge than his nine-to-five routine, Trevor takes the decision to ‘go it alone’ and DATS CAD Services is established.

1960 – Metal Box, DATS’ first client, gives Trevor the opportunity to run a three-month project for three people with a Northwest manufacturing company.

Adverts placed locally bring a line of candidates to the office. 45 are interviewed with at least half suitable for the project.

DATS Recruitment is born.

1966 – DATS breaks into the Chemical and Nuclear industries, becoming the main supplier to UKAEA, which later became BNFL.

1969 – DATS becomes involved in a major glass plant for Pilkington’s, with other Pilk’s companies,  Triplex and Firbreglass, also becoming clients.

1976 – The large space in Royal Avenue is rented and converted into a new project and design office, attracting a number of new contracts. DATS starts working with clients in Algeria.

1984 – As the business continues to expand, the bank agrees to invest £1.5m in the renovation of the old school building on Norland’s Lane. DATS’ new office space is opened in 1986.

1991 – Trevor’s son, Stephen, joins the business, beginning in the CAD office and later moving into the recruitment division.

1992 – Board Director, Simon Hancock, joins the business.

1995 – Trevor officially retires and brother, Stuart becomes MD.

2001 – Stuart retires and Stephen Nickson steps into the role of MD.

2007 – DATS moves from its Norland’s Lane office to its current location on Palmyra Square, Warrington.

2014 – DATS Recruitment takes the decision to focus business primarily on the Northwest, positioning itself as a regional specialist. DATS CAD continues to work nationally, and internationally.

2015 – Recruitment Manager and Associate Director, Kwesi Ackah joins the business.

2018 – DATS wins an award for The Best Use of Apprentices at the prestigious Recruitment International Awards.

2019 – DATS celebrates its 60th year with an office refurb and updates to its websites and brand.