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Over the past six decades, DATS has evolved from a one-man band to a prestigious recruitment agency operating across the UK and overseas, with a strong focus on the Northwest. Here’s our journey so far…

Our founder

In 1959, Trevor Nickson had just completed his 5-year apprenticeship with ICI. Soon after, Trevor achieved his engineering qualifications and was promoted to the company’s design offices where he saw a gap in the marketplace for good quality design services. Craving a greater challenge than his nine-to-five routine, Trevor took the momentous step of going it alone.

At the time, he had no contacts and little financial support but with good health and plenty of determination he managed to survive working eighteen hour days, seven days a week. Then, in October 1959, a breakthrough occurred. Metal Box gave him the opportunity to run a 3-month project for three people with a UK manufacturing company in the North West.

He placed local adverts in the Liverpool Echo on the Friday and, on a routine Saturday visit to his offices, found a line of candidates stretching from the entrance to the third floor. Forty-five people were interviewed that morning with at least half suitable for the project – DATS was born.

The growth of DATS

Those early applicants became the bedrock of the first DATS database; many still worked for the company some twenty or thirty years later. Trevor and his team’s original focus was to meet the industry’s need for a specialist but flexible design resource.

More than five decades on this remains a key part of the business. Still a privately-owned company, operating from the Northwest of England, DATS continues to match diverse people and skills through specialist industry knowledge.

Over the years, DATS has responded to market trends and changes in client requirements by introducing new industry divisions and disciplines. We’ve partnered with clients throughout the UK and overseas to provide innovative and flexible solutions.

Stephen Nickson

stephen-nickson Trevor retired a number of years ago, though he still has a keen interest in the business and sits on the Board of Directors. Stephen Nickson, his son, is now Managing Director.

“DATS is proud of the reputation we have earned for providing an excellent service. Many of our clients are long standing and have been with us in excess of 10 years. Locations, company names and fashions may have changed over the past 60 years but our core philosophy of building client relationships and providing a focused, quality recruitment service remains the same. I firmly believe this has been at the root of DATS’ success and will continue to take us onto the next milestone.”