Our interview with Associate Director, Kwesi

We wanted to find out what makes Associate Director, Kwesi Ackah, tick. Here’s what he told us about recruitment, DATS…and his identical twin!

Tell us a bit about yourself – your background and your role now with DATS.

I started my career in sales and worked in a call centre while I was at uni. Later, I moved into retail sales and specifically telecoms, working for EE (then T-Mobil, 3 and Vodafone). Nowadays, as Associate Director with DATS, I take care of a few divisions within the business – DATS Design, Manufacturing and Machine Shop. I’ve been with the organisation for three years now and haven’t looked back.

So Kwesi, you’ve been in recruitment for nine years; what’s kept you in the industry?

I love recruitment! However, I always tell trainees when I’m recruiting them that it isn’t normally the kind of job that people dream of when they’re growing up – a lot of people just fall into it. But it’s such a great career; no two days are ever the same – it’s competitive and there’s lots of energy and fun.

And the best thing about your role?

Definitely my team – I really enjoy working with the great recruiters we have here at DATS.

And just for fun – tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

Well, I have an identical twin, who shares the same first name as me. Kwesi means ‘born on Sunday’, so it’s quite a popular African name. To make it even more confusing, my twin brother works in recruitment too. Thankfully he’s based down South, and I’m based here in the Northwest, so there’s not too much crossover.


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