Words to avoid on your C.V.

When creating or updating your C.V. a great deal of thought is put into the words, but have you thought about how many C.V.s land on a recruiters desk, and how many words and phrases are used over and over and over again?

Phrases such as  “I am a hard-working / reliable /honest…”  these words are often used to describe our attributes, but an employer would assume that you were all of these. Think a little differently when including descriptive words.

Other examples or unnecessary phrases to use on your C.V. include:

Motivated – Motivated to do what?

Problem solver – if I were interviewing you, I might ask you to describe a problem and how you solved it, potentially leaving you speechless in an interview situation.

Communication Skills – An employer would hope you could communicate  in one way or another, and that was appropriate to the job.

References available upon request – Most employers would assume you would be able to provide references if they offer you a position, and would ask if they require them and when they require them.

Your C.V. should be an introduction to you and your skills, one that stands out from the crowd. So make sure you use descriptive words that are relevant and describe you, and not every other candidate.