Recruitment in Warrington: Finding Candidates In The Region

In a very real sense, the UK is driving its technological, scientific and engineering initiatives forward into a brave new world, competing with the likes of China and Germany for infrastructure development. You might think that the South gets all the kudos when it comes to pioneering our future, but you’d be somewhat mistaken…

That’s because certain regions in the North West – like Warrington – are teeming with skilled, prospective candidates for the chemicals, engineering and nuclear sectors. If you’re an employer looking to build connections in this area, either for contractors or a full-time workforce, then let us show you what’s in store:

Why Warrington?

You may be asking what recruitment in Warrington offers for your company. It’s a valid question, but can be answered, largely, by its centrality to the Northern supply chain.

Both the M62 and M6 cut through the town, linking it to Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham. All of these places are no more than an hour’s drive from the limits of the region. Trucks, vans and trains can deliver valuable equipment from a huge number of suppliers, all of whom trade extensively for a range of organisations.

Additionally, this means that workers can commute from each of these major cities, drastically extending an employer’s viable talent pool. Many are graduates from prominent universities in the North West, equipped with the latest skills and insights.

A nuclear stronghold

So, having established the physical gravitas of the area, let’s dive straight into what makes a job search in Warrington attractive for up-and-coming candidates.

Birchwood Business Park is at the forefront of the UK’s nuclear industry. Leading energy firms like AREVA and Nuvia have set up shop in this complex, testing the growing capabilities of nuclear power.

This sector contributed £3.5bn to the national economy in 2014, making nuclear recruitment a leading light for today’s science graduates. Warrington’s reputation is growing as a heart of nuclear innovation. It has a dedicated Nuclear Forum, collating great minds together for a holistic approach to the task ahead.

Taking the reins of chemicals and engineering

Alongside energy projects, the chemicals and engineering sectors are booming, with the former taking the biggest chunk of manufacturing jobs in Warrington. 44,000 workers make up specialist construction roles, joining the 30,000 local positions in engineering and architecture.

5,000 Warrington-based companies were created in 2015 alone. That’s an astonishing figure, owing largely to affordable start-up costs. Workers are flooding to the region, eager to make their name in a specialised role they can be proud of – packaging drugs for the nation, building machines, or trialling medicines that’ll save thousands of lives.

Recruitment in Warrington is taking off like never before. If you’re thinking of leaping into the same fray, you’d do well to source the top local candidates, including contractors migrating from other areas of the North West.

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