Recruitment In The North West: 2017 Outlook

With all the political change sweeping across the UK – and the economic and social developments accompanying it – you’d be forgiven for thinking job prospects in Britain face uncertainty. Yet the North West as a whole is weathering the storm, focusing on a few, select industries that are thriving as a force to be reckoned with.

If you’re seeking employment in the sciences, construction and engineering sectors, you might be surprised to learn just how well this region is doing. Here’s an overview of recruitment opportunities staying strong in 2017:

Pharmaceutical jobs in Manchester

Let’s begin with the crown jewel of the North West – the city of Manchester, still tipped to be the lynchpin of Northern commerce for the ensuing decades. It is regarded by many as the second capital of the UK, and its job prospects form a large part of this impression, as investment in science and technology continues unabated.

Manchester Science Park is driving innovation, research and funding in the pharmaceutical trade across five sites in the region. Together, they’re trialling new drugs and concepts, getting medicines to the market faster than ever. It’s one of the reasons why pharmaceuticals accounts for some of the highest figures in current UK manufacturing output.

Engineering and consultancy

Looking further afield, it’s clear that engineering and consultancy are thriving, across a wide spectrum of roles. 23,600 people are currently benefiting from engineering recruitment in Warrington, for instance, with 35% of that figure taking on consultancy positions. These are generally geared towards the nuclear, rail and automotive sectors.

Recruitment opportunities in Warrington are supported by its transport links, allowing teams to co-ordinate with other sites in the UK. Manchester and Liverpool are less than an hour away; being sandwiched between two major cities means recruiters can draw on talent from either area, as well as on their doorstep.

Building a greater region

The housing crisis may be a tangible issue in other corners of the country, but the North West is driving ahead with large-scale tasks. The Greater Manchester Chamber Of Commerce has estimated that building initiatives in the North West are worth over £114bn, nearly matching South East projects over a 15-year period.

Construction recruitment in Cheshire, particularly, is in good health. Chinese conglomerates are playing a key role, as they strengthen ties to the UK industry. Additionally, sites like the new biomass plant (valued at £100m) are pushing clean energy agendas to the fore of regional business, whilst giving thousands of construction workers the chance to shape our future.

From petrochemical jobs in the North West to advanced roles in infrastructure and nuclear maintenance, the region is going from strength to strength with investment and job creation. 2017 is sure to see figures – both in recruitment and economic terms – climb higher across local, specialised industries.

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